Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yard Progress!

This last weekend I hired four members of a local college's rugby team to come help with yard work. Dad came with his tractor, and between all of us (with Max supervising), the garage and shed are scraped and awaiting paint (sprayer is on order), I now have a rock garden covering an old trash/burn pit (thanks, previous homeowners), the pool hole is mostly rescaped, and the yard trash is all in one pile awaiting removal from a local refuse company. Woo-hoo! The young men (Max corrected me several times that they are not boys or guys, they're men, which they loved) were working as a fundraiser for the team, so I paid $10/hr/person, totaling $40/hr. Way cheaper than professional labor, and they were very dedicated. I actually had to convince them to stop for lunch!

scraping paint and moving the trash pile

getting rid of the landscape fabric around the pool hole

moving dirt (and Max's stick)

more dirt moving...

and more dirt moving!

rock garden progress

scraped and ready for paint!

rock garden, awaiting some topsoil to fill the cracks

more paint scraping - and note the two squares where there used to be nasty trash bins

removing old conduit that had wiring for the pool

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