Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Joking Aside...

I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later.



Ok, sorry. I heard that from my cousin the other day and it just strikes me as so freakin funny. I told all of my coworkers (and attempted to keep a straight face), and my husband, and I almost told a guy from the department of defense, but he looked a little too serious.

I can't wait until Max is old enough to like jokes. I have a lighthearted sense of humor (you may have guessed) and it's looking like Max will be the same way. He already has played many jokes on us - one was that he called everything "dada" for over a month. If he was by himself or he was concentrating on something else he'd slip up and use the right words, and if you caught him he'd get this look on his face like "oh, crud!" and start saying "dada!" over and over. Thank goodness he's done with that joke, I like being mama again.

I told the above joke to a coworker (who has a 16 year old daughter) and after he stopped laughing he said how he misses telling jokes to his daughter now that she's too cool to think her dad's jokes are funny. I told him to wait, because eventually she'll find them funny again. My dad's happy that he can finally tell me the 10+ years worth of jokes he's been saving up.

Here's to a sense of humor, and may we never misplace it!

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